Dirk's daily loadout

Dirk's normal equipment - Imperium

weapon (melee)

Dirk’s Combat Stats

Usual Weapon Loadout is “For the Imperium”, his Navy Model Laser Pistol (3d6 AP, Auto 4, 40 round ammo cassette), Body Pistol with silencer and 1+3 magazines, Cutlass.

Usual Field Armor Stack, Advanced Boarding Vacc Suit, has an armor value of 15.

Usual Field Encumbrance is Laser Pistol(2.5kg), Body Pistol (0.4Kg), Datapad/Comm (1.1kg), for a total of 10.1 Kg. Dirk’s unencumbered rating is 18 Kg (STR 7 + END 11).

Tools Notes TL Location Weight Cost
Comm Unit with Aide (sync’d with Datapad DD/R) 11 Carried (always) 0.5 750
Mechanical Toolkit (various) 5 Used (Shipboard) 12.0 1000

Apparel Notes TL Location Weight Cost
Adv Boarding Vacc Suit (15 Armor, 18 hr Vacc Prot) 14 Available (Shipboard)6.0 59700

Weapon Attack Recoil Damage Personal Close Short Medium Long V long Distant
Navy Laser Pistol, Cartridge 2
(Skill +0, Dex +2) 0 4d6 -1 0 0 -2 -4 n/a n/a
Body Pistol (without silencer) +2
(Skill +0, Dex +1) -1 3D6-3 -1 0 0 -2 -4 n/a n/a
Body Pistol (with silencer) +2
(Skill +0, Dex +2) -1 3D6-6 -1 0 0 -2 -4 n/a n/a
Cutlass Heft
-1 2D6
4 – – – – – -

Items for sale

“Dirk” comes equipped with the following:
Navy Model Laser Pistol, Cartridge, TL13, (4 magazines with 25 rounds each).

Body Pistol with (optional) Silencer, TL8 (4 magazines with 6 rounds each, plus a box of 36 rounds) (500 cr +400cr +250= 1150cr).

Navy issue Cutlass – monogrammed with “Krystal Knight” – the Destroyer he commanded when it was lost.

Armor and Apparing herel-
TL 14 Advanced Boarding VaccSuit with Sealant Sheath, Electromagnetic Probe, Tool Laser,
Medikit, Built inPRIS Goggles, and Extended Lfe Support (15 armor body), faded Imperial Navy sunburst over left breast

Electronics and Tools-
Mechanical toolkit, (1000 Cr)

TL 12 Personal Comm with Aide (sync’d to DD/R), (500 Cr)

TL 14 HandComp/Datapad (total Comp/5), with DD/R headset and the following software: (500 Cr)3Intelligent Interface (Rating/1), level 2 Expert Engineering program (J Drive, Rating/2), level 2 Expert Engineering program (M Drive, Rating/2), level 1 Expert Engineering program (Electronics, Rating/1), level 1 Expert Engineering program (Life Support, Rating/1), General Engineering Database (Rating/0), Remote Systems Monitoring Software(included with DD/R, Rating/0).

Specialized Gear-
Pavabid Wristwatch, Tarsus GPS/Comm, Compass, Hunting Knife (200 Cr).

Dirk's daily loadout

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