Lodestar Phoenix

400 ton Fat Trader


Lodestar Phoenix (formerly the Henry T) a standard 400 ton Type R ship. Owned outright by Dirk, following it’s capture when it was engaged in piracy against the Dalrymple’s Dream upon which Dork was travelling.

Has internal drop tanks fitted, reducing cargo capacity from 205 tons to 155 tons, but giving jump-2 capability.

Monthly Operating costs:
Crew – 21,000 Cr
Liefe support, basic cuisine – 26,900 Cr
Maintenance – 8,099 Cr
Refuelling cost, refined – (102 tons) = 51,000 Cr (26,000 Cr for 52 tons and Jump-1)


Lodestar phoenix deckplans

Lodestar Phoenix

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