On a Wing and a Prayer

I last played Traveller in the ‘80s and haven’t played any form of RPG since the ‘90s. I’d like to get my old gaming group back together, using the wonders of modern technology now that we are geographically dispersed.

Before that happens though, I need to become familiar with the Mongoose Edition of Traveller, and learn how to use on-line play aids such as Obsidian Portal and Roll20.

So, inspired by Andy Slack and others, I thought I would play a solo campaing using Mongoose Traveller, with additional help from Mythic to provide pseudo GM input, and document the campaign here on Obsidian Portal. Initially, the campaign will be driven by the random encounters that arise from the characters starting position. After that I hope to explore the use of commercial adventures in solo play as well, along the lines of those described in the Solo Nexus blog.

My intention is to use the Adventure Log to record a narrative description of the campaign as it develops. Alongside this I plan to use the Comments section to record the mechanics of the campaign e.g. encouter rolls and resononing, so that the logic can be followed.

On a Wing and a Prayer